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missing assembly - Microsoft.Management.Infrastructure


Win7-x64 with SP1, IE11.
Attempting to download/install using the ClickOnce installer, it's throwing this message: "Unable to install or run the application. The application requires that assembly Microsoft.Management.Infrastructure Version be installed in the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) first. Please contact your system administrator."

Took a few random guesses at which component redist might give me the missing libraries, but no success so far. Took a look at MSDN library and found some hints relating to WMI. Am still clueless, since WMI is clearly present in Windows. I thought the idea behind ClickOnce was, er, to click once?

I must be over-thinking this whole thing, but can somebody advise what I need to do, to get the Wiki Toolbox installed and working please?

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DonTesgroup wrote May 3, 2014 at 7:32 AM

So, answering my own question..
After digging around some more, I found a hint, i.e. the missing assembly ships as part of WMF3.0.
I downloaded and installed WMF3.0 and this ClickOnce installer is succeeding.